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Sidon Water specialises in resolving hard water issues via chemical-free water restructuring.
Our innovative Integro™ technology eliminates limescale throughout your water systems and appliances,
so you can save money, reduce your energy consumption and help sustain the environment by lowering your carbon footprint.

What is Limescale?

What is Limescale

Limescale is a hard chalky deposit, containing primarily calcium carbonate (CaCO3), that often builds up inside hot water systems, pipework and appliances. It can seriously damage and impair the operation of various plumbing and heating components, leading to reduced efficiency and increased running costs of your water-related equipment.

What is the Integro™?

What is the Integro

The Integro™ prevents hard water issues by injecting electrons into the water. These electrons ensure the prevention and removal of all limescale (as well as a significant reduction in corrosion), throughout your pipework and equipment. With the elimination of limescale, the levels of waterborne bacteria (including Legionella) will reduce. The Integro™ operates effectively in all water conditions.

How Can the Integro™ Help?

The Integro™ will enable you to lower energy consumption and maintenance costs. It is chemical free and requires no servicing. Some of the many benefits the Integro offers are:

Elimination of all limescale

No need for any water softeners

Improved efficiency of heating and cooling equipment

Reduction in the use of chemicals

Significant decrease in corrosion

Lower maintenance costs on cooling towers, boilers, A/C units, heat exchangers, etc.



“In July 2020, we installed the Integro™. Within the first 4 weeks we noticed existing scale build-up being removed throughout the whole irrigation system. It continues to prevent blocked drippers, saving us time and money. Sidon Water have been professional and helpful, they are a great team to work with.”

Salih Hodzhov, Production Director at WB Chambers Ltd


“We purchased two Integros to replace all of our salt softeners and remove old limescale build-up. Within the two weeks of installation I have already noticed a significant change in water quality and evidence of the Integros’ cleaning the old limescale from the system From the initial site survey through to installation, Sidon have been nothing but supportive. Great product, good value for money and really nice people!”

Lee Martin, Maintenance Manager at The Randolph Hotel by Graduate


“We had the pleasure of working with Sidon Water during the first trial they carried of their solution for laundry services. The Integro™ was installed, bypassing our salt softeners, and early results are really encouraging. We look forward to working with them during the next stages, and hopefully replacing our softeners with the Integro altogether in the future.”

Claire Nicholas, Owner – Squeeky Linen and Laundry Services

One of the significant and unanticipated results included the ability to add additional nutrient to the plant and gain higher growth with higher nutrient. Plant uptake was considerably higher than with the control or when using straight nutrient.

S.Nielson – Asher Farms

The new RO membranes were installed July 2018. We inspected them March 4, 2019 and found the membranes in impeccable shape. The Sidon Water Conditioning unit appears to be extending the life span of the membranes which is saving us time and costs.

R.Saida, Real Aloe Solutions

… We need to clean the scale and dirt build up from the boilers every 60 days. When we were offered [an Integro™] on a trial basis, we installed the equipment and ran through our normal time of operation. After the time came to clear we were surprised to find that there was no scale build up and the dirt that we found was softer, flakey and easier to remove. Our [Integro™] has been in use 18 months and continues to perform. The maintenance personnel when cleaning the boilers are impressed with how the [Integro™] makes their work easier and faster.

P.Kundert, Hull-Oakes Lumber Co.

“The Integro™ block seemed more resilient against powdery mildew infection and did not defoliate due to progressed infection late in cycle whereas the control block exhibited more defoliation.”

Madisen B. Integrated Pest Management Associate B.S. Nursery Solutions

My family noticed several positive outcomes from using the Sidon Integro™ System: Our stainless steel patio misters no longer had to be scrubbed to remove the scale buildup which previously always blocked the misters; My wife said her hair was much more manageable; My dry skin issues basically disappeared and the scale in our dogs water bowl also disappeared.

D.Lipovaca – Homeowner

Immediately after installation [of the Integro] I noticed a dramatic improvement in the quality of the water. There was also a significant reduction in scale which had formed on some of our pipe work.

Christian, Upright Plumbing

Before the unit was installed, the people who work in the laundry room would have to clean the washers at the end of the day for scale build up. After the unit was installed, the scale that use to be in the washer disappeared and they no longer have to wipe or clean the units for scale. ….Overall, we are extremely happy with the unit and would recommend it to everyone whether they have a business or want to have better water in their home.

I.Desai, Americas Best Value Inn by Vantage

Our neighbors have recently commented on how clean and healthy our citrus and avocado trees look compared to theirs. They have better foliage and lots of fruit since we started using the Integro system. The plants stay much more healthy and resilient to pest infestations. Every year for the last 15 years we have had pest problems, but not this year. My grass has been dead for over a year but after watering with the Integro system in place, my grass is about 80% grown back and looks amazing.

Rudy Aguilar – Homeowner

…The [Integro™] was added to a scaled system in July. When the chillers were opened in February, the tubes and end sheets are very clean. She is running 13+ cycles of concentration (chlorides) and about 8.5 cycles on hardness, so should be scaling. No chemicals whatsoever [in this time] and her monthly water usage is down from 70-80 thousand gals. to about 10. So far the test on the ice machines is performing perfectly well also, as is our little steam boiler project. I’m impressed!

E.O’Brien, McQuay Service

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