Water News

Sep 07

There are several ways you may hear of hard water being described or measured; calcium hardness, magnesium hardness, total hardness, hardness as CaCO3 or total dissolved solids (TDS). Here is a brief guide to understanding the differences in terminology…

Jun 08

A salt softener is a hard water treatment device that replaces naturally occurring minerals (primarily calcium and magnesium) with sodium, in a process called ion exchange[…]

Jun 08

While dealing with hard water problems in your home or business can be a nuisance, the true cost of hard water can be significant. Hard Water →  Limescale  →  Reduced Efficiency  →  Higher Costs![…]

May 09

What if we were to tell you that we guarantee we can solve your issues with hard water and limescale in your heating and hot water systems, and by doing so reduce your energy consumption […]

Sep 20

‘Water Conditioning’, ‘Water Restructuring’, ‘Electrochemical Scale Elimination’, these are just some of the many terms that are used to describe technologies designed to prevent limescale. […]

Jul 28

Sidon Water Europe are delighted to have recently become members of the official Made in Britain organisation. […]

Jun 23

Scale build up is, in reality, a hidden ‘Thief’ inside your company.  It is hard to detect, yet you know it is there, ever present and ever increasing in its potential to rob you. Its existence degrades your equipment, wastes your time, and literally steals your money. […]

May 27

The connection between hard water and Legionella is well known, but often misunderstood. In this blog we focus on how we can better control bacteria levels in water, from the very beginning […]

May 25

This blog describes what hard water is and its impacts, good and bad. It also explains how the unique Integro™ technology can help you solve your hard water problems. Have you ever noticed that tap water tastes […]

May 17

Striving start-up presents innovative water restructuring technology to the European market and grows its team during global pandemic. Sidon Water Ltd has managed to expand its international team and to keep its business competitive, since […]