The Sidon Water story has evolved over the past 30 years. It began when the inventor was asked if he could help solve the most prevalent problem which plagues commercial cooling towers; limescale build-up. He tried several traditional water conditioning systems and discovered, as most do, that they were ineffective. He set about establishing why this was the case, investigating the nature of limescale and then designing and building a new technology that would work effectively. The Integro™, as we now know it, was born!

Over the next three decades this incredible technology was used in a limited number of specialist industrial applications, predominantly in the Oil & Gas sector. After discovering the technology, its effectiveness, and recognizing the opportunity for its wider application, Sidon Water was formed in 2019 by a close-knit group of business partners who have worked together for many years. Our challenge was to take this incredible, environmentally friendly, technology and make it available to use in any environment, and to a global marketplace.

Since 2019 we have established offices and manufacturing facilities in the USA & UK. Now with a certified solution, that can be supplied internationally, we are proud to be able to offer a tested and guaranteed technology that is suitable for any business size, across multiple industries.

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