One of the original installations
in 1988 on a Heat Exchanger


Fast forward 32 years to 2020.
New Agriculture installation.

The Sidon Water story is a family story that has evolved over the past 30 years. It began with one man’s passion to solve the most prevalent problem which plagues commercial cooling towers—Limescale buildup from concentrated TDS. The scale formed from the concentrated ions fosters bacteria growth, degrades costly equipment, and necessitates the use and waste of an extreme amount of water. However, due to the dominance of the chemical industry, this incredible technology has been limited to serve just a few select customers over the past 30 years.

After discovering the technology and its effectiveness, and to carry the inventor’s dream into the future, Sidon Water was formed by a close-knit group of business partners and their families, who have worked together for many years. One man’s dream has now become the passion of a host of experienced business professionals who are determined to bring the benefits of this environmentally conscious, effective water technology to the global market for the benefit of all industries and people.