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The Sidon Integro™ dramatically improves the efficiency and profitability of every agricultural business. The restructuring of the elements of the water creates a healthier, more hydrating water. The most noticeable effect besides the elimination of scale on the irrigation equipment will be the health of the plants and the reduction of scale on the surface of the soil. The electrons which are injected into the water cause the elements to not be able to bind together and form crystal causing scale. Since the elements stay “in solution”, they pass freely through the soils and hydrate the roots of the plants more quickly. This promotes healthy roots and overall more healthy plant growth.

Water is the lifeblood of agriculture. The efficient use of this precious natural resource is critical to the viability and profitability of every agricultural enterprise. Our passion is helping landowners around the world more efficiently raise healthy, productive crops to feed all mankind and the animals which sustain us.

The beneficial effect of this “Wetter Water” is that water usage will, in many cases, actually be decreased, leading to significant reductions in costs! The adsorption of the water more efficiently will in most cases, substantially increase crop yield. Plants will grow and mature quicker since they will be able to process the water faster, hence a greater yield will be achieved with each harvest.

Beneficial Outcomes

  • Reduction in the amount of water required to raise crops

  • Increased crop yield

  • Significant savings on irrigation system maintenance

  • Elimination of scale on drip and full-scale sprinkler irrigation systems

  • Reduction of scale build up on the surface of the soil

  • Water absorption through the soil is improved

  • Faster hydration of plants and animals with less water

  • Reduction in the amount of fertilizers and chemicals required

  • Plants will assimilate more quickly fertilizer nutrients

  • Eliminates scale and corrosion of pipes and valves

  • Algae growth is reduced giving better water to stock animals

  • Experience the joy of more successful crops with less work 🙂

Lifetime Warranty: The Sidon Integro™ is completely warrantied for as long as the equipment is used at the location in which it was installed. See the Lifetime Warranty requirements.

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Stay Up To Date with Sidon Water's Latest in Innovation and Products!

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