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The Problem

Growing good quality, consistent, crops all year round can present many challenges. Nutrient costs, crop quality, water delivery problems (including limescale and biofilm), pest control, and maintaining healthy soil, can all involve significant time and expense.

Our Solution

Alleviating these problems is at the heart of our unique, ground-breaking, water restructuring technology. Once installed on your water supply, the Sidon Integro™ helps you realize healthier, more nutritious crops, faster time to harvest, greater plant mass, and a reduction in operating costs. All of these factors contribute to increased revenue. All the while with reducing water, energy, and chemical use.

The Sidon Integro™ Technology injects energy in the form of electrons directly into the water, breaking down the hydrogen bonding in water clusters, creating significantly smaller water droplets. This leads to quicker and more effective absorption of water and nutrients into the plant’s root and cell structure, as well as the minerals in the water (typically calcium and magnesium), are changed to their neutral atomic form. This prevents them from binding with other ions, allowing them to be held in solution, and thereby eliminating limescale and biofilm throughout your water delivery system as they flow harmlessly through.

Expected Benefits

  • More effective absorption into root structure

  • Significantly increased internal moisture content in plants

  • Time to harvest reduced by up to 48%

  • Significantly improved nutrient uptake

  • Quicker growing, higher yielding crops

  • Simple, non-invasive installation

  • No scheduled maintenance

  • Complete Money Back Guarantee*

No Risk to You

  • Eliminates all limescale on plants and equipment

  • Reduction in chemical and fertilizer use

  • Reduction in energy and water use

  • Significantly improved soil quality

  • Improved bacteriological control

  • Reduced operational costs (water equipment and energy)

  • No upfront equipment costs

  • Low monthly service fee – Always less than savings/gains

  • Lifetime warranty on parts and labor

Environmentally Friendly

  • Lower your carbon footprint

  • Reduced chemical use

  • Reduced water consumption

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Improve long-term sustainability

Lifetime Warranty: The Sidon Integro™ is completely warrantied for as long as the equipment is used at the location in which it was installed. See the Lifetime Warranty requirements.

*If after 6 months’ use, you are not entirely satisfied, you will receive a full refund upon return of the Sidon Integro™ equipment.

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Stay Up To Date with Sidon Water's Latest in Innovation and Products!

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