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The Problem

Since ice is classified as a food, the manufacturing of ice comes under governmental scrutiny for cleanliness and equipment maintenance standards. Generally, the ice manufacturing equipment itself functions properly and provides a sanitary environment. However, once water is introduced with its scale causing minerals, the problems begin: clogged water lines, faulty valves, water distributor clogging, evaporator grid problems causing longer freeze and harvest times, malfunctioning of ice thickness and water level probes, and then comes the growth of bacteria and biofilm.

Traditional solutions require the use of toxic chemicals to “descale” the water system equipment. These chemicals are costly, require downtime of the equipment, and ultimately are an environmental hazard.


Our Solution

When installed on your water supply, the Sidon Integro™ technology will naturally eliminate all limescale thereby (i) preserving the functionality and life of your equipment, and (ii) eliminating the primary breeding ground for bacteria and the related growth of biofilm.

We achieve this by introducing energy in the form of electrons into the water to disrupt the hydrogen bonding in the water clusters, as well as changing the limescale forming ions (predominantly calcium and magnesium) to their neutral atomic state. As such, they are unable to bind with other ions in order to form limescale.

Expected Benefits

  • Removes existing limescale and prevents all future buildup

  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs

  • Elimination of descaling chemicals

  • Water distributors will no longer clog

  • Evaporator grid will function properly

  • Consistent freeze and harvest times

  • Bacteria breeding grounds eliminated

  • Biofilm less likely to occur

  • Savings in energy costs

  • Savings in staff costs to clean equipment

No Risk to You

  • No upfront equipment costs

  • Low monthly service fee – Always less than savings/gains

  • Lifetime warranty on parts and labor

  • Straightforward installation

  • No scheduled maintenance

  • Complete Money Back Guarantee*

Environmentally Friendly

  • Reduced chemical use

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Improve long-term sustainability

  • Lower your carbon footprint

Lifetime Warranty: The Sidon Integro™ is completely warrantied for as long as the equipment is used at the location in which it was installed. See the Lifetime Warranty requirements.

*If after 6 months’ use, you are not entirely satisfied, you will receive a full refund upon return of the Sidon Integro™ equipment.

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Stay Up To Date with Sidon Water's Latest in Innovation and Products!

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