Reduce your Carbon Footprint and Save Money

The Environmentally Friendly, Energy & Water Saving Technology.

The Integro™ is an innovative and maintenance free technology that every home and business in a hard water area should have. It sustainably restructures water, without using any chemicals, thereby preventing and removing all limescale throughout your hot and cold water systems.

Once installed, the Integro™ will help you make a positive impact on the environment, as well as your finances.

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Water Heats Faster

Thanks to the restructured water, your appliances (washing machines, kettles, heating systems, dishwashers, etc.) will consume
less energy and your bills will be lower.

Eliminates Limescale & Reduces Corrosion

The Integro™ will prevent and remove all limescale throughout your hot and cold water systems.

Use Less Chemicals

By using the Integro™ you can expect to use as much as 50% less detergent, chemicals and cleaning products.

Lasting Equipment

You will reduce the maintenance and extend the life of water-related equipment.

No More Point of Use Water Softeners

Once installed, the Integro will allow you to do away with costly point of use water softeners.

Reduce the Spread of Bacteria

The greatest breeding ground for bacteria within a heating and water system is limescale. By eliminating the limescale you reduce the spread of harmful bacteria, including Legionella.

Use Less Soap & Shampoo

Thanks to our ‘Wetter Water’ effect you will use less soaps and also find your hair and skin feeling softer.

Better Laundry

Reduce your temperature for laundry by 20C, use less detergent and shorten your washing cycles. Your laundry will dry quicker and feel softer. Your clothes will last longer as a result of being washed with softer water. In turn, you are allowing less microfibres to reach our water system and oceans.

Reduce Maintenance Costs & Time

No more breakdowns due to scale build up on your boilers, dishwashers, coffee machines, ice machines, etc.

Efficient Heating

On average it takes 90mins to heat a domestic water tank. With 5mm of scale this increases to 4 hours, with 10mm it takes as long as 6 hours!

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