We all enjoy seeing beautiful, luscious green golf courses. The perfectly manicured greens and the long, meandering fairways. Few people realize what it takes in manpower, fertilizers, and water to keep and maintain the “Golf Course Paradise”.

The average golf course turf needs water usually at least twice per week in the summer, depending on location. Any deficit in rainfall must be made supplemented by irrigation. A typical golf course requires 100,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of water per week in the summer to maintain those beautiful, green fairways. The cost of water ranges from $110,000 per year for golf courses in the Southwest to $7,000 for the average course in the Northeast.

Water and soil quality has a big impact on the amount of maintenance required and labor hours. Average man-hours required to maintain those idyllic golf course views range from 1000 to 600-man-hours per week. Maintenance cost per acre range from a high $125,000 to low of 10,000 depending on the quality of the course and the region.

The Sidon Integro™ can dramatically reduce the amount of water and labor required to keep those fairways healthy and green. The restructuring of the elements of the water creates a healthier, more hydrating water. The beneficial effect of this “Wetter Water” is that water usage will actually be decreased, potentially, saving thousands of dollars. The adsorption of the water more efficiently by the turf roots will cause the turf to be stronger and more resilient. The reduction in the amount of water used to maintain the turf on golf courses will be environmentally impactful in preserving our water resources.

One of the most noticeable effects will be the elimination of scale on the irrigation sprinkler equipment and the reduction of scale on the surface of the turf. The electrons which are injected into the water cause the elements to not be able to bind together and form crystal causing scale. Since the elements stay in solution, they pass freely through the irrigation system piping and into the soils to hydrate the roots of the turf more quickly.

Beneficial Outcomes

  • Reduction in the amount of water required

  • Save thousands of dollars on the cost of water

  • Save thousands of dollars on irrigation system maintenance

  • Reduce the man hours required to maintain equipment and turf

  • Elimination of scale on drip and full-scale sprinkler irrigation systems

  • Reduction of scale build up on the surface of the turf

  • Water absorption through the soil is improved

  • Faster hydration of turf with less water

  • Reduction in the amount of fertilizers and chemicals required

  • Turf will assimilate more quickly fertilizer nutrients

  • Eliminates scale and corrosion of pipes and valves

  • Fairways and greens will be more resilient and healthy

Lifetime Warranty: The Sidon Integro™ is completely warrantied for as long as the equipment is used at the location in which it was installed. See the Lifetime Warranty requirements.

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Stay Up To Date with Sidon Water's Latest in Innovation and Products!

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