The Sidon Water story has evolved over the past 30 years. It began with one man’s passion to solve the most prevalent problem which plagues commercial cooling  towers—Limescale  buildup  from  concentrated TDS. The scale formed from the concentrated  ions  accelerates bacteria  growth,  degrades  costly equipment, and necessitates  the  use and  waste of  an extreme  amount  of water. However, due to the dominance of the chemical industry, this incredible technology has been limited to serve just a few select customers over the past 30 years.

After discovering the technology and its effectiveness, Sidon Water was formed by a close-knit group of business partners and their families, who have worked together  for  many  years. One  man’s  dream has now become the passion of a host of experienced business professionals  who  are  determined  to  bring  the benefits of this environmentally conscious, effective water technology to the global market for the benefit of all industries and people.


At Sidon Water we believe in  the primary importance of building and maintaining meaningful and long-lasting relationships with customers, staff and suppliers. At the heart of this there is the desire to help enhance the quality of life of all those involved in our business.

We work closely with  our customers and are passionate about contributing to  the positive  operation and profitability  of  their businesses. We believe  in  the importance of creating a healthy, innovative and caring environment, where our customers’ needs always come first, while also making a positive impact on the planet. We aim to provide all our customers with  demonstratable  return on  investment, value for money and other tangible benefits. In doing so, we want to promote long lasting, valued professional relationships, by approaching everything we do with honesty, transparency and fairness.

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