Few people are concerned with having access to extra pure water. However, if you have a medical condition that affects your kidney function or ability to digest food, it may mean the difference between life and death.

Hemodialysis and enteral feeding patients who often do some of their treatments at home, must rinse and clean their equipment and tubing thoroughly. The risk of bacteria forming in the system equipment due to the water quality from the municipal water supply or bottled water can be dangerous.

The technology of the Sidon Integro™ combined with other proprietary purification processes developed by Sidon Water has enabled the development of the only Medical Grade Class II water available in portable 1-liter bottles in the market.

This remarkable structured and purified water has been tested to be qualified as Class II, 21 CFR878 water, and reviewed under USP 61 and USP 62. It qualifies under Revision 41, Chapter 36 of the US Pharmacopeia regulations for Hemodialysis/Cerebrospinal Fluid Contact. Additionally, testing performed includes testing under the LAL protocol for Pyrogens and Endotoxins and the August 23, 2018 test method for Clostridium Sporogenes (heat shocked) with the new reinforced substrate requirements.

What this means is that hemodialysis and enteral feeding patients can now take care of themselves at home with the use of Medical Grade Class II Water. They can store water for emergencies as can dialysis clinics and hospitals.

Beneficial Outcomes

  • Medical Grade Class II Water in 1-liter bottles

  • Water for use by hemodialysis patients for cleaning tubing and equipment

  • Water for cleaning of enteral feeding tubing and equipment

  • Faster hydrating water

  • Less water required to receive adequate hydration

  • Portable medical grade Class II water

  • 1-liter containers are easy to transport for humanitarian use in clinics

  • Storage water in 1-liter containers for home dialysis and enteral feeding treatments

  • Healthier drinking water for those immune compromised

Lifetime Warranty: The Sidon Integro™ is completely warrantied for as long as the equipment is used at the location in which it was installed. See the Lifetime Warranty requirements.

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Stay Up To Date with Sidon Water's Latest in Innovation and Products!

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