Integro™ Price List






Start benefiting TODAY from the use of the Sidon Integro™ Technology.

We are absolutely confident the proven Sidon Integro™ Technology will save you money as it effectively eliminates the damaging effects of scale build up in your water system. For agricultural enterprises, in addition to solving the problems of scale on soil and crops, the Integro™ Technology is expected to enhance the yield and quality of your crops resulting in greater profits.

To assist you in implementing this effective technology, without breaking the bank, we offer the following flexible Monthly Service Agreement Terms so you can get started now.

  • No upfront equipment cost

  • Minimal set up fee

  • Low monthly service fee

  • No minimum contract term

  • Service cancellable with 30 days notice

  • Money back guarantee

  • Complete Lifetime Warranty

We are passionate about enhancing the business of our customers and in preserving our environment. Our unique monthly Service Agreement enables you to almost immediately stop using many contaminating chemicals, improve the quality of your water system, and begin saving money instead of always spending it on repairs

Lifetime Warranty

All Sidon Integro™ products carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty as set forth in the Service Agreement which was entered into between Sidon and You, the Customer. Please refer to the Service Agreement for details regarding the Warranty coverage. In the event You believe the Sidon Integro™ unit is not functioning properly, please contact the respective Sidon office nearest you to expedite the resolution of the issue and start the warranty process.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty entitles you to receive a fully functioning replacement Sidon Integro™ unit at no cost to you, for so long as the Service Agreement is in full force and effect. Sidon will cover the replacement of any defective component as well as any shipping costs.

You do not need to register your warranty for it to be effective. Your warranty is in effect as of the Effective Date of your Service Agreement.

Money Back Guarantee

Your use of the Sidon Integro™ Technology includes a complete Money Back Guarantee of any and all payments made (Excluding installation expenses and any taxes paid) if, after six (6) months of continued use and operation, you determine, in your sole discretion, that it is not providing the beneficial outcomes set out in the Sales Order Form. If you make this election, you may terminate the Service Agreement in month seven (7) with the applicable notice as required.

To receive your Money Back Guarantee payment, you must be current in your Monthly Payments through the end of the first six (6) months of the Service Agreement term. This Money Back Guarantee is exercisable ONLY during month seven (7) of the term of the Service Agreement. The refund will be processed within 10 business days after Sidon has received the Sidon Integro™ control box and the Integro™ pipe back from Customer.

Get Started Today! Call now for a quote based upon your particular business requirement. We look forward to speaking with you.