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Sidon Integro™ Technology

The Sidon Integro™ Technology prevents and removes scale by injecting electrons into the water with sufficient energy to disrupt the bonding which otherwise occurs between different elements found in water. The injected electrons and associated energy realign all the different elements in the water so they remain in their neutral atomic form. The elements (typically calcium and magnesium) are therefore unable to bind with other elements to form a crystal and will not precipitate with temperature or pressure. Since the elements stay “in solution,” they pass freely through the water system.

Wetter Water

The Sidon Integro™ Technology creates the “Wetter Water” effect by breaking down the hydrogen bonding between water molecules, thereby significantly reducing the size of the water droplets. This is of great benefit to the agriculture industry since it leads to quicker and more effective absorption of water and nutrients into the plant’s root and cell structure.

Other benefits from “Wetter Water” include:

  • Improved water penetration through the soil

  • Decrease in soil salinity

  • Decreased water usage

  • More effective cleaning power

  • Reduced use of detergents and chemicals

  • Naturally conditioned water without salt

Product Models

The Sidon Integro™ Technology is typically fitted “Inline” with the main water line entering the building. Other locations may be specifically selected for extra effect and benefit as determined with you and our engineers.

To accommodate different size diameters in piping, the Sidon Integro™ comes in different models. Models accommodate pipe sizes from 1/2 inch up to 30 inches. The length of the pipe section of the Integro™ unit is determined on the diameter of the pipe to which it is being fitted. Pipe sizes from 1/2 inch up to 2 inch require a 24-inch length Integro™ and sizes greater than 2 inches in diameter require a 36-inch length Integro™ unit.

Prior to deciding which Integro™ unit will best serve your needs, a careful analysis of the current pipe works in place will be made. Additionally, an assessment will be conducted as to the issues you are presently dealing with and what benefits the Integro™ Technology can bring to your business. Once the correct Integro™ model has been identified for your application, it will be prepared and sent to you with detailed installation instructions. Your water technician will be able to install the Integro™ in a short amount of time since all necessary parts will have been identified beforehand.

The unique feature of the Integro™ Technology is that it will be effective regardless of the temperature or pressure within your water system.

Please call to have a conversation as to how the Integro™ Technology may benefit your business.

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Stay Up To Date with Sidon Water's Latest in Innovation and Products!

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