Reduce Energy Consumption and Save Money

– Fully Grant Funded

The Integro™ will:

  • Reduce your Energy Costs

  • Improve your Water Quality

  • Extend the Life of Critical Equipment

  • Reduce Levels of Waterborne Bacteria incl. Legionella

  • Lower your Carbon Footprint

Even in soft water areas, limescale forms in heating and hot water systems creating a layer of insulation between the heat source and water, effectively slowing down the process. Accumulating at a rate of 1-3mm per year (depending on your water hardness), this unwanted build-up can dramatically increase energy consumption. Just 1mm of scale increases energy use by up to 10%, with 6mm increasing consumption by as much as 40%.

This hard scale is more likely to accumulate on the hottest parts of a boiler, so these areas amass the thickest layer of scale, leading to localised overheating and permanent damage to the boiler. As well as scale formation, rust and corrosion can significantly reduce the life of heating equipment. Very often, these problems will not be realised until it is too late.

In order that energy costs are minimised and equipment maintenance is reduced, the priority must be to eliminate limescale permanently from your heating systems.

The Integrowater restructuring technology offers a solution. It will eliminate limescale throughout your entire water system, as well as reducing rust and corrosion. Not only will it prevent all future limescale from forming, but it will also remove any historical build up from your water system and equipment, thereby reducing your costs and extending the life of critical equipment. It is maintenance and chemical free throughout its lifetime, offering an enormous saving in the time, expense, and increased carbon footprint involved in the routine upkeep of other systems. The benefits and savings mentioned above are realised in as little as 1-3 months after installation.


In short, you can lower your costs and help the environment by reducing your energy consumption and extending the life of critical equipment. Why would you not?

To take advantage of this Grant Offer and receive an Integro™ completely free please either call Steve Jenkinson on 07593 214189 or fill out the contact form below.