The Integro™ or Water Softening

When it comes to resolving hard water problems there is no such thing as a perfect solution, and so understanding the challenges you are trying to resolve and what your priorities are is critical.

Water Softening

A commonly used solution is water softeners (ion exchange units). In this case you must ensure they are topped up with salt (which can be costly, both financially and to the environment), switched on & operating effectively and that they are serviced as they get older. Fail to do any of these and you will get limescale throughout your system and equipment. The resulting build-up will not be removed when your softener comes back online and can lead to equipment breakdowns and increased energy costs.

The Integro™

Unlike a softener, the Integro™ does not remove minerals from the water, it restructures them in a way that prevents them from binding to form limescale. In the case of an already scaled up system, the Integro will remove the historical build-up over the first couple of months of use, leaving your water system and equipment clean, clear and operating more efficiently. In open-air environments where water is left to evaporate (shower screens, dishwashers, etc) mineral deposits can be easily wiped off without the use of chemicals, making cleaning significantly quicker. The Integro™ will prevent and remove all hard limescale, as well as significantly reducing rust and corrosion, irrespective of water hardness.


The Integro™ can be used as an alternative to, or alongside, water softeners. Our technology is quite unique, both in terms of how it works and its effectiveness. We don’t claim that it is the perfect system for all environments and problems, no such thing exists. But if you are looking for a maintenance and chemical free system that is guaranteed to remove limescale from your hot and cold water systems, as well as preventing future build-up, the Integro™ is the solution for you.

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