Our passion is the conservation and efficient use of our most valuable resource: Water

We promote water conservation and its effective use by working with industry professionals to enhance the use of water in their business applications. These efforts ultimately reduce the amount of water used and help eliminate many of the problems associated with water such as corrosion and scale formation. Additional success has been seen in improving crop yields and reducing costs in the agricultural industry.

The means through which we accomplish our objectives is the application of our proprietary Sidon Integro™ Water Technology.

Our Commitment

We work hand in glove with our customers and are passionate about helping improve the operation and profitability of their business. Our Commitment is to demonstrate some or all of the following: Tangible cost savings, lower water usage, reduced use of chemicals, lower energy bills, higher crop yields and profits and environmental benefits

In order to deliver on our commitment, we differ from others in that our profitability will come as our customers reap the benefits from using our unique Sidon Water Technology over many years. We therefore do not charge a large upfront capital equipment cost. Instead, we allow customers to get started quickly with a small set up fee and then charge an on-going low monthly service fee. There is no minimum contract term. If it’s not improving your business, you can cancel your service agreement at any time. We are confident you will see significant results and we will be a partner in your success for many years to come.