Our Process

From your first contact with us, we will be organised in our responses and work efficiently to understand how we might provide the best solution to meet your needs. The following ‘Quality Process’ is designed to help our customers with the smooth implementation of our technology and ensure they continue to realise its benefits.

Initial Enquiry: We will respond quickly to set up a call or visit.

Introductory Call/Visit: Discussion to understand your hard water issues

Water Analysis: Free no obligation water analysis provided if required.

Site Survey: A Site Survey will be scheduled to understand your water system, what problems you are experiencing and where the Integro™ system could be installed.

Customer Report: A detailed report of the site survey will be provided along with our recommendations. A quote will be provided at this time if appropriate.

Quote Acceptance: Upon acceptance of our quote, delivery timing will be provided and arranged.

Product Delivery: Delivery details will be confirmed with you and a full installation guide provided for use by your plumber. A time will be set to speak with your plumber to review the installation requirements if required.

Installation Follow up: After Installation, we will follow up with you on a regular basis to ensure that the Integro™ system is meeting your expectations and resolving any identified problems. This may involve further complimentary water analysis.

On-Going Support: Our staff members are always available to address any questions.

Lifetime Warranty: Monthly Service Agreement Customers enjoy a lifetime warranty on all parts of the Integro™ System

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