How the IntegroReduces Your Energy Consumption and Cuts Your Costs

Limescale Build Up leads to Increased Energy Consumption

Unlike a water softener, the Integro technology will not only prevent future scale formation but will remove all existing build-up from your water systems and equipment over the first 1-3 months of use. So whether installed as a standalone system or used alongside your softeners, the Integrowill significantly reduce your energy consumption.

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    Hard Water  =  Limescale  =  Reduced Efficiency  =  Higher Costs!

    • According to the Carbon Trust, just a 1mm layer of limescale on the heating element causes a 7% increase in energy used by your boiler.
    • British Water estimate that for every 1.6mm of scale built up in your heating system, there is a 12% loss in heating efficiency.
    • 6mm of limescale throughout your pipework and heating system can lead to a staggering 40% increase in energy bills.
    • On average it takes 90 minutes to heat a domestic water tank. With 5mm of scale, this increases to 4 hours, with 10mm it takes as long as 6 hours!

    The Most Effective Solution on the Market

    The IntegroTM water restructuring technology is quite unique in terms of how it works, thereby offering unparalleled results in this application. Not only will it prevent future limescale formation, but it will remove all historical build up from your water system and equipment, in turn dramatically lowering your energy consumption.

    It is maintenance and chemical free throughout its lifetime, offering an enormous saving in the time, expense, and increased carbon footprint involved in the routine upkeep of other water treatment systems. The benefits and savings mentioned are realised in as little as 1-3 months following installation.

    Customers and partners we work with

    Find out how this hotel reduced there energy consumption by more than 20% using the Sidon IntegroTM Technology

    The property is a 156 bedroom hotel located in an area with particularly hard water.  It has historically experienced significant hard water problems throughout the hot and cold systems and other critical water related equipment.  A trial of the Integro™  water restructuring technology was agreed and ran from April to October 2021.  The trial was overseen by the regional Director of Engineering, with day-to-day management and reporting carried out by the hotel’s maintenance managers…. Read Full Case Study

    As well as Reducing your Energy Consumption, the Integro will help you:

    • Significantly Reduce Levels of Waterborne Bacteria inc. Legionella

    • Reduce Rust and Corrosion

    • Reduce Breakdowns & Maintenance of water related Equipment

    • Improve your Water Quality

    • Lower your Carbon Footprint

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